Lift Off 4 student book – المنهاج السعودي

Lift Off 4 student book – المنهاج السعودي

حل كتاب انجليزي Lift Off 4 student book ثاني متوسط الفصل الثاني

unit journeys and trips
sultan can you have lunch whit us the day after tomorrow
…amir..that’s thursday isn’t it?sultan yes amir
ime very sorry i can’t come we’re going away for the weekend
unit 2 people animal places thing
some young insects eat wood and paper they
make holes when ey eat treas
unit 3 decisions decicision
unit 4 past present and future
Come for lunch
look, listen, ask and answwer.
look at the picture. Who can you see?
What are they doing?
Listen and answer. Omar and talking.
Which day is it?
Listen again, then ask and answer.
Why can’t Fred have lunch with Omar?
How are they going?
Match the sentences to the pictures.
Write 1 or 2 in each box.
Say, read and complete.
Listen, say and match.
say and read.
Look, say and write.
Read and listen and say.
Say the meaning of these words.
People, animals, places, things
How ill am I?
How heavy are elephants?
They are even bigger!
Look at our friends in England. Ask and answer.
Use questions with how.
Faisal is one of the cleverest students in my class.
Dalal is the tallest student in my closs.
A writing competition
Can I ask You some questions? Yes, Of course.
You asked about the Hajj.
I’ll send some information and pictures in an e-mail.
I hope, I’ll be able to …
I think I’ll be able to …
Omar’s scholarship trip
Yes, here it is. Look.
Stay safe, stay well
Things to do and see
Omar in England
We’re looking forward to Omar’s visit
Read, order and say.
This week’s project
At the International School
Fred’s project
Fahad’s invitation
You have to plan your route.
Start cooking!
I have to finish my homework befor I can watch the film.

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