Super Goal 5 Workbook – المنهاج السعودي

Super Goal 5 Workbook – المنهاج السعودي

C) (sample answers) 1- What does Kyle generally eat/have for lunch? He generally eats/has a burger and a soda for lunch. 2- What do Faris and Ali occasionally do in the park? Faris and Ali occasionally play tennis in the park./Faris and Ali play tennis in the park occasionally.

C) 3- What does Emma seldom do after dinner? Emma seldom does/washes the dishes after dinner. 4- What do Ali and his parents often do on the weekend? Ali and his parents often go to the park on the weekend. 5- What does Ismail sometimes do with his friends? Ismail sometimes goes bowling with his friends. 6- What does Ben do now and then? Ben gets a haircut now and then.

B) Sample answers:
1- Because he thought it was the right thing to do.
2- He gives blood every eight weeks.
3- Because he was born with a crippling disease.
4- Ahmed’s brother, Ali, taught him how to play football.
5- They gathered at the beach for a cleanup operation.
6- The twins were born on Monday, June 21.

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