Super Goal 6 Unit 4 – 6 – المنهاج السعودي

Super Goal 6 Unit 4 – 6 – المنهاج السعودي

Have you taken the garbage out yet? Yes, I’ve already done it. I haven’t done it yet.B.Imagine you are part of the family in the pictures. Make requests. Please stop using my hair dryer. Don’t you remember? You lent it to me.C.Ask and answer about yourself.What do people do around the housethat you don’t like?I can’t stand people eating while they’reusing the computer.Quick. Have you done

Complaints in FamiliesMany families list the same complaints. Here are some common ones.•Leaving dirty clothes and shoes all around the house
Using someone else’s hairbrush
Splashing toothpaste all over the

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