Flying High 2 Workbook – المنهاج السعودي

Flying High 2 Workbook – المنهاج السعودي

Look at the photograph. What is happening in
the photograph? What do you do when
you don’t know the way somewhere?
b Listen to the conversation between a
policeman and a member of the public
and answer the questions below.
1 Where is Anas going?
2 Why should Anas go back to the station?
3 What is 100 metres along Abah Street?
4 Which turning on the left is Riyadh Street?
5 What should Anas do at the traffic lights?
6 What is opposite the post office?
Unit 1: Seeing the world
1 Armchair travel
2 The real thing
3 Visitors from abroad
Unit 2: Progress
1 Early breakthroughs
2 Important inventions
3 Unexpected outcomes
Unit 3: Consumerism
1 Patterns of buying
2 The hard sell
3 Spotlight on a corporation
Unit 4: Relationships and communication
1 Parents and children
2 In the workplace
3 Between friends
Unit 5: Work and money
1 Working to live, or living to work?
2 Making and spending money
3 Entrepreneurs
Unit 6: Keeping up with technology
1 Developing the car
2 Communications systems
3 Using technology
Unit 7: House and home
1 Home away from home
2 Decoration
3 Street scenes
Unit 8: Crime and law
1 Unsolved crimes
2 Crime and punishment

7 What is bad at this time of day?
Throughout history until the present day, people have
been communicating ideas and facts through poetry,
novels, essays and books. The written word has been
one of the most important tools to tell the people of
the present how things used to be in the past.

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