flying High 6 Work Book – المنهاج السعودي

flying High 6 Work Book – المنهاج السعودي

flying High 6 Student’s Book

Buying and selling
1aWork with a partner. How many different names for shops can you write
down in two minutes?
1bWork with another pair. Say things that you can buy in the different shops
in your list. Can they name the shops?
Where do you buy chops and steaks?

Phrasal verbs connected with money and
1Look at the phrasal verbs used in these sentences and
match them with the definitions a–h.
1If you want to buy a new computer, you need to start
saving up.
2The management say that they are going tocut back
on advertising.
3She lent me some money last week but next week I
have topayitback.
4The billcomes to143 SAR.
5At the local supermarket they’regiving awayglasses
when you buy six cans of cola.
6Ipicked upsome amazing bargains in the sales.
7I couldn’t buy that new computer game because they’d
alreadysold out.
8She’s going tosplash outon that abaya.
agive someone the same amount of money they lent you
bnot spend money so that you can buy something
creduce the amount of money you spend
ebuy something expensive (informal)
flet somebody have something without paying
greach a total when you add all the parts together
hstop selling a product because there are no more
available to sell
2Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of one of
the phrasal verbs in 1.
1Can you buy some milk on the way home?
2That coat is expensive but I’m going to buy it.
3We need to reduce the amount we spend on luxury
4That shop gives you a free video game with each
5I can’t buy that watch because I need money for the
summer holidays.
6You should buy the camera now because it’s
disappearing fast.
7I’ll give you the money you lent me tomorrow.
8The book was 60 SAR and the magazine was 15 SAR so
the total was 75 SAR.
3Choose the correct alternative.
1Are you savingback/upto buy something?
2Do you need to pay somebodyback/upat the moment?
3Have you or your family ever splashedaway/outon
4Have you ever gone to buy something and found that
they had already soldout/up?
5Have you or your family ever bought something
because they were giving somethingaway/inwith it?
6Have you ever pickedaway/upa bargain in the sales?
4SPEAKINGAsk your partner the questions in 3. If your
partner answersYes, ask questions to find out moreinformation.

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